søndag den 13. august 2017


Nethe, 26

Today, I took pictures of Nethe. She is a good friend of mine, who I met at work. 

torsdag den 10. august 2017


I have been on holiday in South of France to visit Coco, where I was for three weeks. It was so amazing! I would recommend everyone to go there at least one time! The nature is so beautiful, and you have mountains, lakes and beaches. Here are some picture from the trip. Coco and me, were in Valras-Plage and Saint Marcel d’ardéche.

Coco and I drove the car to the Le Mont Ventoux mountain, which is 1912 meter tall, but we walked 5 kilometers to the top of the mountain. There was a group of sheep near the top of the mountain, that was walking freely around. There was an amazing view of the top of Le Mont Ventoux, and as crazy as it sounds, many people actually came to the top of the mountain by bike! 

We visited the old city Avignon, which is surrounded by an old wall that protected the city in old days. The city is famous for their beautiful old bridge.

We visited La ferme aux Crocodiles, which just got two albino crocodiles. I have never seen so many crocodiles at the same time! 

Le Pont d’Arc is so beautiful. You can swim, go in canoe, walk or drive around the mountains and this very long lake of 34 meters long and 59 meters wide. 

When we entered the La Grotte de Saint Marcel d’Ardéche, I was amazed! I have only seen small caves, but this cave from 60.000 years before Jesus, was more than 57 kilometers long! It was a very beautiful cave, and they even have bigger caves in South of France. 

onsdag den 9. august 2017

mandag den 3. juli 2017